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Earn Tesco Clubcard points by recycling used ink cartridges

Earn up to 125 Tesco Clubcard points for each used ink cartridge you recycle

Used ink cartridges pictured with recycling details

You can earn Tesco Clubcard points when you recycle ink cartridges through The Recycling Factory. It’s so easy to do, simply visit The Recycling Factory website, enter the brand, model and quantity of used ink cartridges you have and the website will work out an instant quote. If you are happy with the quote, download and print the Freepost label, write your Clubcard number on the form and pop them in the post.

*Updated 30.04.2021, to take part in the recycling scheme you are now required to collect a recycling envelope from a Tesco store*

I am super keen to boost our Tesco Clubcard points at the moment as I’m hoping to save enough for a Eurotunnel crossing to France next year. Today I posted two ink cartridges valued at 125 points each which when used towards a Eurotunnel crossing will be worth £7.50! It’s easy to see how quickly the points could add up, particularly with my husband and I both working from home.

Not only do I love this scheme for its opportunity to gain extra Tesco Clubcard points but also because it offers the chance to recycle plastic, reduce waste and consequently help the environment.

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