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Free UK lotteries to enter in 2020

Free chances to win money every single day

Lottery ticket

Did you know there are many free lottery websites out there giving us all the chance to win some money free of charge? All you need to do to be involved is register with each individual website providing your name and contact details and then visit the website daily to see if you have won.

Good luck everyone and remember you’ve got to be in it to win it! xx

My Lucky Patch

One of my favourite lottery websites is My Lucky Patch because I’ve had a win on this website! The website gives you the opportunity to earn virtual patches of land, usually in your local area, and each day a patch is chosen to win some money. You can earn extra patches increasing your chance of winning by referring your friends and family, reading the daily story and regularly visiting the website. My Lucky Patch are offering you a £5 bonus by signing up using my link simply register your details and pick your patch!

Pick My Postcode

Similar to the paid for Postcode Lottery, your postcode is entered into various daily prize draws of differing amounts ranging from £5 right up to £1,000. The prize draws take place at different times each day so you may need to visit the website more than once to check all the draws. Sign up to Pick My Postcode

Free Birthdate Lottery

The Free Birthdate Lottery has given away more than £8,000 since starting and the biggest cash prize is £50. There are two main draws each day where the website selects a registered date of birth and displays it for 24 hours. All you need to do is visit the website and click on the 'claim' button. There are also some instant win competitions that you can enter too. Sign up to Free Birthdate Lottery

Along with being able to play the paid for lotteries on this website it also hosts a free one. All you need to do is select six numbers and your free ticket will be entered into the daily draw. The prize is £500 and if you play three times a week you can then enter the weekly draw to win £10,000! Sign up to

Free National Lotto

To enter the Free National Lotto all you have to do is select five numbers and then register an account with your email address. You will then be entered into the daily draw in which you can win £5 and then twice a week you can enter the five ball draw where you can win a larger amount which varies week to week. All you need to do is visit the website daily to claim any winnings. Sign up to the Free National Lotto

Freemoji Lottery

Each day a random emoji combination is selected to win a cash prize, there is the main draw where you can win a varying amount of money plus there is the fiver draw where, yes you guessed it, you can win £5. Again this website requires you to visit each day in order to see if your emoji combination has been selected. Sign up for the Freemoji Lottery

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