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Freebie frenzy! 21 September 2020

A round-up of freebies in the UK now

Freebies in the UK from Sainsburys and Boots

Freebies, what's there not to love? When every penny counts, getting something for free is such a buzz! Freebie Frenzy is my regular blog post in which every Monday I bring you a summary of my previous weeks freebies and how you can claim yours.

Freebies in the UK - Monday 14 to Sunday 20 September

Harringtons cat biscuits 800g

You can claim a free box of Harringtons dry cat biscuits worth approximately £3.25 from Harringtons themselves. All you need to do is purchase an 800g box from your local supermarket and upload your receipt to the Harringtons Try Me Free website. They will refund you the amount by BACs or you can request a cheque.

Bodega Bay Apple Hard Seltzer 250ml

I got this free can of Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer via app Shopmium, usually priced at £2. If you haven't yet downloaded this app when you do enter my code uz968v and you can get a free can of Pringles on me!

Shopmium is an app that's free to download, it gives you access to exclusive offers on everyday brands found in the supermarket. Once you've signed up, simply buy the featured product from your supermarket, take a photo of your receipt and get your money paid back to you either via paypal or straight into your bank account.

Enjoy everyone xx

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