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Get paid to see online adverts

Sign up with Gener8 and start earning when you browse the internet

Gener8 promotion

Did you know brands pay money to show you adverts online? Usually this money goes to the website displaying the advert however, by creating an account with Gener8 the money goes to you!

Gener8 runs in the background as you work or shop online. Each time you see an advert you earn tokens which can then be exchanged to buy Amazon, Netflix, Game or Spotify vouchers to name a few.

It’s great for people like me who spend most of the day on the internet and so far I've got 220.22 tokens to cash in after just a few weeks!

Before I signed up I checked them out on Trustpilot and was impressed to see a score of 4.6 and a rating of excellent plus many positive comments from fellow money makers. Such a positive rating gave me the confidence to give it a go.

The only criticism I have is that Gener8 is only available for desktop at the moment so you can’t use it on your tablet or smartphone which is a shame but it may come in time and luckily the majority of the time I access the internet on my laptop.

To sign up is super easy and if you use my link, Gener8 will give you 10 tokens to get started.

Get your 10 free tokens and sign up to Gener8

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