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Get paid to walk dogs

Dog walking can be a fun and profitable way to earn extra money whilst getting some fresh air

Dog walking for money

If like me you love animals and enjoy being in the outdoors then dog walking might be your perfect side hustle. In tax year 2019-2020 alone I earned £2,564 from walking other people’s dogs.

When I first started dog walking I would accept jobs in all the nearest towns, but what I soon realised was after deducting expenses and taking into account the time I spent travelling, it wasn’t the most profitable approach. I therefore quickly changed tactic and now only take customers on who live within a couple of miles from my home. I find this works much better for me and means I make more of a profit per walk.

Where to find dog walking customers?

Rather than putting adverts in the local newspapers and doing leaflet drops I use a third party website called Tailster to get my dog walking customers. Tailster connect me with potential customers, handle all payments and provide insurance in exchange for a 15% cut of each booking.

To become a dog walker all you need to do is create a Tailster profile and bid on any jobs you interested in, it’s as simple as that.

Other pet related jobs could you do

In addition to dog walking jobs you will also find other opportunities on the Tailster website including:

Dog boarding

Looking after other people’s dogs in your own home.

Dog or cat sitting

Looking after other people’s dogs and cats in their home.

Doggy daycare

Spending the day with a dog in someone else’s home.

Small animal care

Looking after small furries such as rabbits and guinea pigs when their owners are away.

Making money from looking after animals is one of my favourite side hustles. I absolutely love it! If you fancy giving it a go head to the Tailster website and sign up.

Happy dog walking! xx

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