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How I earned £313.60 in July without a job!

Virtual Money Tree income report July 2020

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Another busy month for me, with few job opportunities in my local area at the moment I've come up with a couple of business ideas which I've been working on. I hope to bring you more news about these exciting projects in the very near future so watch this space!

In terms of making money online without a job this month I made £313.60 which I am chuffed to pieces with, still can't quite believe you can make hundreds of pounds online without actually having a job.

Breakdown of side hustles:

Matched betting - £275.86

Yet again, matched betting is where I’ve made the majority of my money this month. With the help of the Profit Accumulator website I've made a healthy profit from this side hustle.

Since starting matched betting in April 2020 I've made £1,157.55, so if like me you're looking to make money online it's a great side hustle to start with plus it's tax-free so it's pure profit.

Survey websites - £17.65

My favourite survey website is Prolific, the website is easy to navigate the payments are fast. The surveys are varied and fun.

In addition to the survey websites I've already mentioned, I also took a look at YouGov, OnePoll and Populus live. As yet I haven't reached the minimum payout amounts for these three but hope to do so in the next few months.

Gener8 - £10.00

I received £10 in Amazon vouchers from Gener8 which I am saving up for Christmas. Gener8 is a favourite income of mine as although it's not going to make me rich it requires no effort at all. For those of you who haven't heard of Gener8, check it out, you could be missing a trick.

Receipts - £5

Did you know you can make money from your in-store and online receipts? I've been uploading mine to Shoppix and this month I earned my first £5.

Cashback - £3.30

I’ve made £3.30 in cashback from Shopmium this month, not a big amount but I’m trying not to spend very much at the moment. (P.S. Sign up to Shopmium using my code uz968v and you can get a free tube of Pringles!)

Ebay selling - 99p

I decided to use my skills as a qualified marketer to produce a marketing plan template which I'm selling on ebay and yesterday I sold my first one!

Comping - 80p

I won 80p in the Top Cashback Summer Treats Cashback Giveaway

Total profit = £313.60

My aim for August is to make £350 from side hustles, nearly made it July so fingers crossed!

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