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How I earned £343.66 in August without a job!

Making money online without a job - Virtual Money Tree income report August 2020

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It's that time of the month again where I add up my earnings from making money online and share them with you, and I'm happy to say in August I earned the rather nice sum of £343.66.

*Update I've just had a last minute payment come in from matched betting taking my total up to £357.99!*

Along with being super busy making money online, I've also taken some time out to start another couple of blogs as I'm enjoying writing Virtual Money Tree so much. The first blog is Maison Cherie in which I talk about my love of french art, architecture and interiors. The second blog is Pawsome Pet Care where I will share my love of pets and use the top tips and knowledge I've learnt along the way from previous pet related jobs. Please do take a look and if you like what you see give me a follow, any help at this early stage would be fantastic so thank you, oh and of course, do let me know what you think.

Anyway I digress, so back to what we're all really here for, the breakdown of side hustles, where I show you the websites and ideas that have helped me generate £343.66 this month.

Breakdown of side hustles:

Pet sitting job - £175.00

I spent a week mid-August looking after a family's pets consisting of chickens, cats, sheep and a rabbit. I charged £12.50 per visit which totalled £175.00 for the week, plus, the owners generously told me to help myself to eggs so we enjoyed free breakfasts as well.

The weather was lovely so it was actually quite a nice way to start and end each day and they've asked me to pencil some more dates in for later in the year!

Have you considered doing a little bit of dog walking or pet sitting on the side? If so check out my get paid to walk dogs blog post to find out how to get started.

Matched betting and free casino offers - £158.81

Yet again, matched betting and free casino offers made a large proportion of my earnings this month. With the help of the Profit Accumulator website I've made a healthy profit from this side hustle.

Since starting matched betting in April 2020 I've made £1,302.03 so far, so if like me you're looking to make money online it's a great side hustle to start with plus it's tax-free so it's pure profit.

Survey websites - £8.11

This month I made all of my survey money from Prolific, my favourite survey website. I did also complete surveys for Crowdology, Panel Opinion, YouGov, OnePoll and Populus live but as yet I haven't managed to reach the minimum payout amounts for these websites but hope to do so in the next few months.

Gener8 - £10.00

Again this month I earned £10 in Amazon vouchers from Gener8, a fantastic passive income that requires me to do absolutely nothing yet the chance to earn weekly Amazon vouchers which I am saving for Christmas. Although Gener8 is not going to make me rich it does tick along in the background and require no effort on my part so I do highly recommend checking Gener8 out.

Cashback - £6.07

£6.07 cashback this month which has all come from one sale quite a few months ago through Top Cashback which I had forgotten all about, bonus!

Total profit = £357.99

My aim again for this month is to make £350 from side hustles, hopefully I can smash it again!

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