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How I made £87.98 online in just two weeks!

Virtual Money Tree income report April 2020

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I am so excited and proud to announce that in my first two weeks of trying to make money without having a job I have made a whopping £87.98 online!

After unfortunately finding myself out of work at the end of March 2020, I decided to use my spare time to have a go at making money from online side hustles.

Two weeks ago I started reading blogs and websites about making money online. Anything that sounded of interest I would scribble down in my notepad to read up on later. Once I had written a sizeable list I started working through the options one by one, I would read independent reviews and articles written by fellow bloggers eventually making a short list of ideas I thought I could try these included; matched betting, survey websites and cashback. I really liked the idea of mystery shopping too but of course being in the middle of the Covid-19 lock-down now isn’t quite the right time to explore this option but I’m looking forward having a go later in the year.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been spending a few hours a day on my new side hustles and today is results day and yes I have actually made money! In fact I’ve made £87.98 just £12.02 short of my £100 aim.

I’m delighted with the results and it’s clear to me that my favourite side hustle so far is matched betting and with help from Profit Accumulator this has been profitable and fun!

Matched betting - £85.28

As you can clearly see matched betting is where I’ve made the majority of my money, and I can already see this becoming a permanent side hustle and one that I will be investing a lot more time and effort on. Using the Profit Accumulator website for training videos and guidance for me has been invaluable, it’s a complex concept to get your head around and I could not have got this far without the support of this matched betting service.

Cashback - £2.70

I’ve made £2.70 in cashback over the last two weeks, £1.65 from Quidco and £1.05 from Top Cashback, not a big amount but I’m trying not to spend very much at the moment.


Technically not a side hustle but I’ve been entering competitions as a hobby since January 2019 and as it’s an online hobby and at times comes with financial gains I thought I’d include my wins each month on my income reports. This month I’ve won two Easter eggs in a twitter competition hosted by Nisa, one for me and one for my husband a lovely surprise in these lock-down times.

Total profit = £87.98 plus Easter eggs!

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