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Make money online from receipts with Shoppix

Make money from home by snapping your shopping receipts to Shoppix

Shopping receipts

Did you know you can make money from your shopping receipts? Smartphone app Shoppix rewards you in tokens when you snap a photo of a receipt. For each receipt you snap, you will earn around 25-30 tokens plus a virtual scratchcard where you have the chance to win more. You will also gain entries in the weekly prize draw where you can win even more.

Shoppix screenshot

When you reach 3,200 tokens you can redeem them for either a £5 PayPal payment or a £5 voucher from Amazon, iTunes or Love2shop.

For those of you who are survey lovers, there is also a survey section where you can boost your token balance by completing surveys when invited to do so.

Shoppix logo

I've been using Shoppix since April and have earned 2,540 tokens. I need an additional 660 to request my first £5 payout so the app is a slow burner and it's not going to make you rich but it is an easy way to make a little extra.

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