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Pick My Postcode, free daily lottery

Win cash prizes with the free daily lottery, Pick My Postcode.

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Pick My Postcode is a lottery, but it’s free and they give away cash prizes daily ranging between £5 and £2,500. Since the website began in 2011 they have given away over £1.25 million to lucky winners.

So, what’s the catch?

The only thing you must do is check the postcode results each day because you have to claim on the day your postcode is drawn, you cannot claim retrospectively.

It’s easy to remember though as once you have registered on Pick My Postcode you will receive a daily email reminder.

How are the cash prizes funded?

By visiting the website daily, you will help to generate advertising revenue that is used to fund the cash prizes. Basically, the more people who log in daily to check their results, the more money the site earns.

Build up a bonus

For each day that you visit the Pick My Postcode website you will receive a 1p bonus meaning that if you win on the website you will win the prize amount plus the bonus money you have built up.

How to claim your winnings

If you are lucky enough to have your postcode selected a big “claim” button will appear which you can click on and choose your preferred payment method.

Register your postcode and you could be the next winner

Click here to sign up to Pick My Postcode for a chance to win free cash!

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