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Play daily games for free spins and win cash prizes!

I tried Gamesys Group free games and made £42.27 in one week

Cash made from Gamesys Group daily games

Each day the following well-known bingo and casino websites give their customers the chance to play free daily games where you can win instant cash amounts or free spins on the slots.

To be eligible to take part in this offer you need to register as a new customer and deposit £10 into the account but don't let this put you off because there is a loophole! Although you need to deposit £10 you don't need to actually spend it, so what I did was deposit and then withdraw instantly and rest assured this does work!

I deposited the £10's on the Monday and it was all back in my account on the Wednesday, with no problems at all.

When I read about this a week ago I wasn't sure it could be that easy, but it actually is and here I am a week later with an extra £42.27 in my pocket!

Free daily games websites

These are the websites that offer the free daily games and next to the names are the amounts I have won from each one so far:

Heart Bingo £6.38

Jackpot Joy £16.23

Monopoly Casino £3.88

Rainbow Riches Casino £3.30

Star Spins £8.28

Virgin Games £4.20

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