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Quidco, ways to save and make money with this cashback website

Over 10 million people have signed up to Quidco, all of them saving and earning free money, and you can too.

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Over 10 million people have signed up to this popular UK cashback website and are earning free cashback on their purchases and making money from free offers and competitions.

What is cashback?

Cashback is really simple and makes up the majority of most Quidco user's income.

Retailers pay a referral fee to Quidco, in return for your purchases. You receive a part of this referral fee as your cashback payment.

To earn cashback, register your details on the Quidco website and search for any online retailer on their website before you make an online purchase with any retailer.

The Quidco website will show you how much cashback is available from each retailer.

Once you select the offer you are interested in, Quidco will transfer you to the retailers website so you can go on and make your purchase.

Your purchase will be tracked and reported back to Quidco ensuring you earn your cashback.

Offers and deals change often, here are some of the cashback offers available in November 2020:

Cashback offers with Quidco

Since opening my account with Quidco, I've made £728.92 and you could too.

Although cashback offers make up the majority of my income, there are also other ways I have made money from the Quidco website, these include:

Quidco’s sign up bonus

Firstly just for registering my details with Quidco I got a free £5 bonus so it's worth signing up just for that!

Quidco’s free cashback offers

Quidco also has plenty of offers available where you can earn cashback without making a purchase, currently these include:

  • Up to £30 when you open a current account with TSB

  • £10 when you order and activate a new sim with Giff Gaff

  • Up to £10 when you sign up for a free trial with Sage

  • £6 when you register for a new account with UK Credit Rating

  • £5 when you order and activate a new sim with O2

  • £2 when you register for a new account with Graze

  • £2 when you register for a new account with Experian

  • £1.32 when you sign up with 20Cogs

  • £1 for completing a search with Quote searcher

  • 55p when you complete a quote for travel insurance with

  • 50p when you complete a quote for pet insurance with

  • 50p when you register with Search Lotto

  • 30p when you sign up as a new member of Preloved

Doing all of these offers could earn you up to £69.17 cashback without making a purchase!


Next, by spreading the word about Quidco and encouraging your friends and relatives to sign up you can both benefit from a cash bonus boosting your Quidco income.

High street cashback

Not so much this year, but previously, I have increased my Quidco cashback by taking advantage of Quidco High Street offers.

Quidco High Street allows you to link your debit or credit card to your account so, your card payments in signed-up stores count towards your cashback balance.


If you want to earn money whilst doing your in-store grocery shopping, take a look at Quidco’s ClickSnap.

Brands can register their products, paying cashback when you buy them online or in-store.

If you buy one of the registered products at your local supermarket, upload a photograph of your receipt and you will receive payment through your account.

(For similar supermarket offers you should also check out the Shopmium app for extra supermarket discounts and freebies.)

Quidco's squid game - £50,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

Quidco squid game

In the latest Quidco squid game I won £16 worth of Amazon vouchers.

This game happens throughout the year and requires you to find squids on the website by visiting certain retailers. If you fancy having a go in the next squid game sign up for Virtual Money Tree emails and I’ll give you a nudge when it goes live.

So if signing up to Quidco sounds good to you then get signed up and claim your free £5 welcome bonus.

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