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Save the Change, an easy way to save a little amount often

Each time you spend on your debit card participating UK banks will round up the amount to the nearest pound and transfer the difference to your savings account.

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Save a few pence each time you shop with Save the Change

If you struggle to find the spare cash to save money every month or just love an extra way to save a little bit more, I recommend checking with your UK bank or building society to see if they offer the Save the Change scheme.

With Save the Change each time you shop using your debit card the payment is automatically rounded up to the nearest pound and the difference is transferred into your savings account.

So, say you bought a coffee for £1.50 then the amount would be rounded up to £2 and 50p would be transferred automatically into your savings account.

I save around £20-£30 each month with Save the Change

I find this a great way to save a little extra without noticing. Before the pandemic I was saving around £20-£30 per month using the Save the Change scheme with Halifax.

Which banks offer Save the Change?

As I have already mentioned, I bank with Halifax and they offer this service, I also believe that Lloyds and Bank of Scotland offer this service to their customers.

If you have your debit card with another bank or building society check on their website to see if they offer the scheme, it may be called something similar such as 'round up the change'. If they don't currently offer a similar scheme ask if they will in the future. When I spoke to HSBC earlier in the year they said it was something they were working on, so it's worth asking the question.

How to you set-up Save the Change?

I easily set-up the Save the Change scheme in my online Halifax account by opting in and selecting which account I wanted to add the scheme to, it took a minute to do and you can set it up from any current account into any savings account.

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