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Top UK cashback websites and how cashback actually works

Make £1000's for free when you shop online

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I've been using cashback websites for a few years now and so far I've made around £1,000, pretty amazing don't you think?! All this extra money for doing very little really.

For those of you missing out on free cashback money you really should get signed up, it's such an easy way to make extra money online.

I've put together some answers to the most common questions I get asked and listed my top UK cashback websites for 2020 to help you get started.

So, what does cashback actually mean?

There are a number of cashback websites in the UK, these websites pay you when you go through them to place orders with leading online and high-street retailers rather than going direct.

All you need to do to get started is create a free online account with a cashback website, some of which will give you a bonus welcome gift (I've listed the special offers below) and start shopping.

How much cashback do I get?

The amount of money you receive as cashback varies from retailer to retailer. It can sometimes be a percentage of your total order value and other times it can be a fixed amount.

Do I have to pay to open a cashback account?

No, and if you find a cashback website that says that you must then I would stay well clear. Accounts with the leading cashback websites are free to open.

What can I get cashback on?

Along with getting cashback on your standard groceries, clothes and electrical appliances you can also get cashback for opening bank accounts, signing up for a new mobile phone contract or taking out a new insurance policy.

What if I forget to check if I can get cashback?

It's happened to me numerous times and I could literally kick myself as there is nothing you can do once the order is placed! I have recently found out about the browser extension you can add to your internet browser which reminds you if you are about to start shopping and haven't gone through your cashback account. An invaluable tool for people like me who regularly forget!

Can you use multiple cashback websites?

Yes of course, I have an account with five cashback websites so I can always ensure I get the best cashback rate as rates can vary from website to website.

Examples of current cashback offers

My top 4 cashback websites for 2020

Quidco - Free £10 bonus when you open a new account

I have made the most money from cashback website Quidco over the years. I have had offers for car insurance, holidays, clothes and much more. To open an account is free and they will give you £10 cash as a welcome gift.

Claim your free £10 by signing up to Quidco

Top Cashback - Free £5 bonus when you open a new account

I have recently registered for an account with Top Cashback and at times this website can have better rates than Quidco so it's always worth having more than one account to guaranteed you get the best offer available.

Sign up to Top Cashback

Widilo - Free £5 bonus when you open a new account

Again Widilo is another cashback website I have added only in the last couple of months. So far I have used the website a couple of times and gained my free £5 just for signing up!

Claim your free £5 by signing up to Widilo


Boom25 works slightly differently to the traditional cashback websites above. It doesn't give you cashback for each order placed but it gives every 25th customer the chance to win a full refund for their order regardless of value so if you're feeling lucky this could be the one for you!

Sign up to Boom25

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