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TopCashback, Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway 2021

Find hummingbirds on the TopCashback website for instant cash prizes.

TopCashback Sweet Treats

£17,000 worth of prizes up for grabs in TopCashback's Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway.

With TopCashback's Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway you could find instant cash prizes and entries into a mega prize draw where one lucky person will win £1,000.

There are £17,000 worth of prizes in total and taking part is free. You aren't required to make any purchases, all you need is a TopCashback account.

£5 welcome bonus when you open a new Top Cashback account

If you haven't opened a TopCashback account account use my link and Top Cashback will give you a special £5 welcome bonus.

How does the TopCashback Sweet Treats Cashback giveaway work?

To discover instant cash prizes you need to browse the TopCashback website to find flying hummingbirds.

When you spot one flying across your screen, click on it, and your mystery prize will be revealed.

You may get a prize draw entry for the £1,000 mega prize or you may get collectible sweet themed item.

There are various collectible items to find (see below) and once you have a complete set you will win the allocated cash prize. For example, collect four gummybears for a £10 win.

Instant wins

In total there are 72,245 instant cash wins up for grabs.

To give you a head start, each day TopCashback will give you a clue to the location of one hummingbird. You need to work out the puzzle (or visit this page where I will list the answers below), which will give you the name of a retailer and visit their page on the TopCashback website to find the guaranteed hummingbird.

The TopCashback Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway promotion ends 21.03.2021.

Good luck everyone and hope you win big!

Answers to the TopCashback Sweet Treats Cashback Giveaway 2021

  • Day 1 (1 March) - Scottish Power

  • Day 2 (2 March) - Nourish Fit Foods

  • Day 3 (3 March) - Superdrug

  • Day 4 (4 March) - Misspap

  • Day 5 (5 March) - Bloom and Wild

  • Day 6 (6 March) -

  • Day 7 (7 March) - Michael Kors

  • Day 8 (8 March) - Waggel Pet Insurance

  • Day 9 (9 March) - Protein World

  • Day 10 (10 March) - Kiehls

  • Day 11 (11 March) - Monsoon

  • Day 12 (12 March) - Armani Beauty

  • Day 13 (13 March) - Karen Millen

  • Day 14 (14 March) - The Royal Mint

  • Day 15 (15 March) - 20 Cogs

  • Day 16 (16 March) - Lancome UK

  • Day 17 (17 March) - Currys PC World

  • Day 18 (18 March) - Etsy

  • Day 19 (19 March) - Coast

  • Day 20 (20 March) - Urban Decay

  • Day 21 (21 March) - The Gym King Ltd

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