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What to do with leftover egg shells

Three frugal living top tips for using leftover egg shells in your garden.

Leftover egg shells

What can I do with empty egg shells?

Add leftover egg shells to your compost heap

Did you know you can add leftover egg shells to your compost heap? Adding eggshells to compost will help add calcium to your final compost composition. Calcium is an important nutrient as it helps plants build cell walls enabling them to grow fast. While you don’t need to crush eggshells before composting them, doing so will speed up how fast the eggshells break down in the compost.

Mix leftover egg shells into your soil

Leftover crushed egg shells can also be added directly to soil in your garden. Many people plant egg shells with tomatoes, peppers, squash and other vegetables that are susceptible to blossom end rot. While planting egg shells directly into your soil may not help this years' plants it will help your plants in future years.

Feed them to your chickens

If you keep chickens then a great frugal way of using up your leftover egg shells is by turning them into grit and feeding them back to your hens. Save them up until you have a fair amount, place them on a baking sheet and bake in your oven until they become brittle (approx. 10 minutes at about 180 should do it). When brittle enough and the membranes have dried out crush them into small pieces. You can then add these crushed egg shells as a supplement to your chicken’s layers pellets or put them into a separate feeder meaning that you no longer need to buy shop bought poultry grit.

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