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Your Money Matters - Free financial planning textbook

Funded by Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, this free financial planning textbook titled Your Money Matters covers savings, borrowing, good and bad debt, insurance, investments and much more .

Your Money Matters textbook

Free book helping to explain personal finances to young people

Although this book has been designed for young people I think there is a lot of useful financial information included for anyone regardless of age. I certainly have found it an interesting read!

Topics covered include:

  • Saving and spending

  • Borrowing

  • Good and bad debt

  • Risk and rewards

  • Insurance

  • Investments

  • Future planning around student loans

  • Tax and national insurance

To get your free PDF version of this financial planning textbook visit the Young Enterprise website:

Free Your Money Matters textbook

Included with the download is a free teachers guide to Your Money Matters, perhaps a useful tool if you are planning to teach your children about money and their finances during home-schooling.

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