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My top recommendation for making money online without a job

The top three things you need to know about my top recommendation for making money online...

  • Matched betting is not gambling.

  • Matched betting is making a guaranteed profit by using free bet offers from bookmakers.

  • Matched betting is tax-free

Matched betting is easily one of my favourite ways to make money online, in my first six months I’ve made £1,356.23 as a total beginner.


Considering that when I starting my matched betting journey I had never placed a bet and had no understanding or interest in sports, I think that’s pretty impressive and there is no reason why you can’t do the same.


My matched betting income:


May 2020 - £586.60

June 2020 - £209.81

July 2020 – 275.86

August 2020 - £158.81

September 2020 - £68.49

October 2020 – £59.66


Total = £1,356.23


Why I started matched betting


At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, I lost my job and after making several attempts to look for a replacement and endless failed attempts asking my previous employer to furlough me, I decided to go it alone. I set myself the mission of trying to make money from alternative, less conventional means and this is what led me to matched betting.


In the early days I read so many articles from bloggers who were making a steady regular income from matched betting that I started to become quite intrigued but my concerns kept holding me back.


My early concerns

Although as I said I was intrigued I was also worried that I was going to make a mistake. I worried that I was going to bet on the wrong thing and lose an amount of money. Also, I worried that I may already have some existing accounts eliminating me from the welcome offers.

After debating it for a few weeks I hesitantly decided to give it ago and now looking back I’m so very pleased I did as my concerns were unnecessary and the extra money has really helped us through this difficult year.

Yes, I have at times found that I have some accounts already but that hasn’t been much of a issue as there are so many websites to choose from and I haven’t as yet (touch wood) made a mistake or lost any money mainly due to the invaluable support from Profit Accumulator.

What is Profit Accumulator?

If you want to get started with matched betting then I’d advise you to use Profit Accumulator like I did and not try to go it alone. I feel happy to recommend them to you as their helpful step-by-step instructions and short explanatory videos have been essential in building my confidence and my bank balance! In all honesty I could not have earned this money without them.

Another useful feature on their website is the member forum which is priceless for answering questions on specific offers. Some of the members are so experienced and have been participating in matched betting for many years so they have so much knowledge and expertise which they are happy to share.

Profit Accumulator free trial offer

I started matched betting with the free trail offered by Profit Accumulator which gave me a taster of what it was all about. With their easy to understand guide I made just over £45 profit in two days!

If like me you are debating giving matched betting a go, having a go at the free trial is a great way to give it a try, there is also a great introduction video that you can watch which summarises how matched betting actually works on the sign-up page. It’s definitely worth a watch.

What does the Profit Accumulator trial entail?

In your Profit Accumulator free trial you will be shown how to place a matched bet, which is the art of taking advantage of the welcome offers betting websites offer new customers.

The welcome offers tend to be along these lines; place your first £10 bet with us and we’ll give you a get a £5 bet for free.

With the support of Profit Accumulator, you will learn how to bet for and against an outcome. So you place your first £10 bet that team A will win and on a different website you place a bet that team A will not win. You are therefore betting both ways on an outcome meaning that you do not make or lose any money. This is what we call a matched bet and why your money is not at risk.

The betting website will then give you your free £5 bet which again you use to place a matched bet for and against an outcome. As one of the bets is free whatever the outcome you will make a profit.

You will then follow the process with the other websites suggested in the Profit Accumulator trial and by the end of the process you will make around £45.

I hope this makes sense but if you are still a little unclear, as I said earlier there is a superb short video on the Profit Accumulator website that explains how it all works, you can check it out here. Watch the short video from Profit Accumulator for more information on matched betting

On my blog I also have a previous blog post that you will find useful that contains Q&As around matched betting, you can read it here. Matched betting – a new side hustle?

So, how you feeling now? If you are ready to get started visit the Profit Accumulator website and start your free trial.

If you are still a little unsure you may want to check out my other ways to make money both on and offline and visit the next section of the website Ways to make money for lots more ideas.

Lisa x